Wireless Meade 497 dumb handbox adapter

With help from Andrew J for interactions with the 497 :ED# command and info returned, also including his "Cheap'n Nasty 5 channel logic analyzer"!

(Thank you Andrew!)

Page created May 9, 2011
Bluetooth wireless from a Meade 497 controlled scope to a smart 'dumb' handbox of the 497

Updated May 15, 2011 using touch panel input

The keypad input for the handbox is a 4 wire touch panel from an old Palm Pilot.

See it in action video on Youtube

The 497 is connected to a bluetooth adapter via a 505 cable.
The smart 'dumb' handbox (SDH497) has a PIC chip parsing codes from a TV remote and converting to codes the 497 understands
The control and display of the SHD47 shown is the original prototype of the display module of my modular stepper controller
The SDH497 is communicating with the 497 by its own bluetooth adapter
It sends the 'key' codes to the 497
It periodically sends a command to the 497 for the 497 to respond with its display contents
The polling is every 250ms or until the 497 has completed the response message (in some case 1.2-2 seconds).

See it in action video on Youtube

First proof of concept video

What is used:

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