Introducing the Greenbox Observatory

This picture is from the outside with everything closed up. Dimensions are
8 feet by 8 feet with 64 inch wall height (from inside floor) and 96 inches to the peak from the ground. No main power run from house yet, hence the yellow cord.

Here is some detail of the hinges and ballister mount used as a anchor for the lever arm.

The observatory open. Both sides of roof fold down and also the end gables.

Scope: lx200 10inch F10 with ETX90 mounted as guider (2009).

Wedge, DSI 1 peltier cooled, Toucam SC1.5 on etx90

Detail of the counterweight and dew heater. Counterweight mount is made from track lighting rail, dew heater from nichrome wire shielded and wrapped around for about 22 watts. Power for heater comes from a 34AH Johnson Controls sealed lead/acid battery. In addition to the battery, a UPS was modified to use the Johnson as it's battery, so everything is also protected. Had not seen anyone do this, but with the price of UPS's being so low ($10 for the one I have after rebate), and considering you get surge, DC-AC conversion and slow charge (UPS had a 3AH battery) in one package, seemed like a good idea.

The mounted converted webcams. The ETX70 sports a B&W peltier cooled quickcam
and the LX200 uses a ToUCam Pro modified as per Steve Chambers advanced mod.

Driving the equipment is a P90 for running guider.exe on the Quickcam and
an IMB 760EL on a Selectadock III for USB, PCI/ISA and IDE expansion.
The bright shiny thing on a slant is used as a reflector for the antenna used
with the Acer Warplink wireless network back to the house.

A closer look at the pier and base attachment.

And a first light image of M42 shot with the ToUCam-SC
Reducer: Meade f3.3 run at f3
Date: 12/21/2001
Not citically focused, no flats or darks, single unguided 20 second exposure.