Update: 10/1/2005

The following PEC measurements were taken after my excursion into cleaning the lx200 classic gears. This was the second PEC training, a full 'Learn' followed by an 'Update'.

I set up Astrovideo to capture 29 frames, each exposure 60 seconds long. This covered 2+ revs of the worm. I then used the 'shift.lst' output from IRIS after a registration pass on the raw frames for the RA and DEC values.

The first graph shows the basic randomness of the PE, with one tooth of the main gear being different than another tooth. The drift in DEC comes from my never doing another polar align after removing/replacing the scope from the wedge.

I then applied a regression line against the RA points and subtracted that from the raw data to eliminate the DEC 'drift', the following graph results.

Notice the total excursion is +/- 3 arc seconds.

The images actually were of M57.

The errors captured during the 29 minutes are visible here, notice the trails left by the hot pixels.

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