PIC chip, OS custom sensors and Rcvr

Page showing custom receiver and custom sensors for Oregon Scientific WMR88/100/200/300 type sensors

All units based on PIC 16F688 running on internal oscillator at 8Mhz mounted to my weather monitor PCB.

Sensors in action at my Greenbox PWS, WMR88A with custom sensors added and monitored by Cumulus software
Greenbox PWS

First image: Receiver circuit
Using cheapo 433Mhz RX module coupled to my weather PCB base board and serial out to an FTDI-232R-5V usb to serial cable

Second image: Thermopile MLX90614ESF-AAA sensor coupled to my weather board and cheapo 433 txmt circuit

Third image: DHT22 term/hygrometer coupld to my weathe board and cheapo 433Mhz txmt circuit

Example output from Rcvr board The line with '3' highlighted is the sensor with DHT22 with temperature and humidity
The line with '2' highlighted is the sensor with the thermopile. The Temperature reading is the thermopile MLX90614ESF-AAA reading, the
'Humidity' reading is the temperature in degF of the termopile case. The Oregon Scientific base units do not support sensors
with more than one temperature reading so I borrowed the 'humidity' so the base unit can display the values.

OS packets are 1024 bits per second manchester encoded with checksum and CRC
OS packets are 3 bytes of 'FF' sent for radio lock(not shown below)
Then a sync nibble 'A'
Then 1 bytes of sensor type ID
Then 1 nibble of 'sensor ID' 1 through 10
Then 1 byte of what they call 'rolling code', just a rando code for every sensor restart
Then 1 nibble of battery status
Then sensor specific data
Then 1 byte checksum
Then 1 byte CRC

Data in nibbles is sent LSB first
D= A F824 3 91 8 681 0 73 4 F4 AD Temperature 00186 degC, Humidity 037% Rel
D= A F824 2 37 8 891 0 96 4 65 C4 Temperature 00198 degC, Humidity 069% Rel

D A 1984 0 CE 0E 0C 11 04 10 15 Av Speed 00050 km/hr, Gusts 00000 km/hr, Direction: NW

D A 2914 0 55 00 00 00 69 10 0A Total Rain 47432 mm, Rain Rate 41472 mm/hr