This adapter allows you to power your Autostar 497 ‘on the bench’ without attachment to the telescope.


You can then attach the Meade 505 cable to your Autostar and PC/MAC and perform a flash upgrade without having to bring the PC to the scope or the scope to the PC


Notice the White to Black and Red to Blue wire.

Red & Blue wire = 12V

Black & White wire = GND

As used in this unit


Parts list:

RJ45 Surface Mount jack with screw lugs (Monoprice 2046)

9V Battery snap (Radioshack 270-324)

5.5mm X 2.5mm DC power jack (Digikey CP-6-ND, Radioshack 274-1583)

Of course you can change the power input method.


Here is a picture showing the unit powered and connected via my bluetooth serial telescope adapter.

Flash adapter upper left, Bluetooth serial upper right, 5.5x2.5mm power splitter upper center, 505 cable lower center to bluetooth





If you do not want to build one yourself, I have these available


497 Flash adapter

$8.00 USD +

$3 CONUSA shipping

$5 International shipping




I have enough completed units to supply 6 units with a 2 (two) business day ship time.


If interested, email me at: astrogene1000_stuff AT yahoo DOT com


I will only ship to North and South America, Europe, Japan and and Australia.

If you are from Italy -contact me- first for shipping quote

Orders from a country I will not ship to will be promptly refunded and not fulfilled

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