Android app for 497 handbox remote over Bluetooth


Presents two Bluetooth ‘SPP’ connections.

One to scope and other from MAC/PC

PC/MAC->Bluetooth SPP->Android App->Bluetooth SPP->Bluetooth adapter at scope

Can turn passthrough on/off so no need to disconnect from app to connect through to scope from PC/Mac


Description: D:\BT_web\screens\main_sm.jpg


Main screen

Description: D:\BT_web\screens\menus_sm.jpg


Menu items:
Connect to scope
Adjust screen brightness
Init scope location
Vibrate on key press
Init scope time and date
Turn passthrough on/off

Description: D:\BT_web\screens\bright_sm.jpg


Adjust brightness

Description: D:\BT_web\screens\gps_sm.jpg

Setting location

Disable use of GPS on device

Description: D:\BT_web\screens\passthrough_sm.jpg

Passthrough mode

One connect to scope

Other connect from PC/MAC

Description: D:\BT_web\screens\flash_done1_sm.jpg


Stable passthrough

Update flash the 497 through the Android device link



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