March 26, 2013

Introducing the GC-WIFI3 module for WiFi TCP to rs232 telescope interface

·         Provides standalone access point, “Connect” your PC or smartphone to the access point

Works with all you favorite programs that support TCP connections

·         Smartphone apps such as SkySafari (for many scopes), SkyQ (For Celestron)

·         PC programs (requires use of com0com if program only supports serial I/O)

Serial I/O

·         RS232 I/O supports

o   3-wire (TX/RX/GND)

o   5-wire (TX/RX/GND/RTS/CTS)

o   Jumper selectable use of RTS/CTS flow control

Powering – 3.6V to 15V input

·         Can be ordered with:

o   5.5x2.5mm coax power input (Meade size)

o   5.5x2.1mm coax power input (Celestron size)

·         Can be battery powered, minimum of 3X AA batteries (NiMh or Alkaline)

·         For Meade scopes with AuxBus port can be powered from the Auxport jack


·         Standard configuration

o   WiFi access point – provides a local access point for up to 7 devices to communicate through (no outside connections, a local ‘lan’)

·         Other available configurations (Advanced users or pre-ordered configurations)

o   AD-HOC – can participate in a local adhoc network (required for some smart phones, see below for known issues)

o   Module can connect to an existing access point


Serial I/O configuration

·         Standard configuration is a 2M(7ft) 6p6c data cable terminated in a male DB9

o   Connect direct up to your DB9 serial interface on the scope

o   Please specify 3 wire or 5 wire for module jumper setting

·         Available configurations

o   Direct from module to scope RJ serial jack with no DB9


Serial cabling info:

·         Celestron



·         Meade



·         Meade lx200gps handbox jack

Pin 1 – GND, Pin 2 – RX by scope, Pin 3 – TX by scope, Pin 4 – 12V

·         Other scopes

Coming soon!


Demo videos:

·         GC-WIFI3 and smartphone handbox applications

·         IOS app as handbox to Meade© Autostar II LX200GPS telescope

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w8liNonVwo


Images of the unit:

·         Left – boxed up with optional AuxBus power option (center connector)

·         Middle – PCB stuffed (sans AuxBus power connector)

·         Base PCB – shows RTS/CTS jumper, GND jumper






These units are in continuous stock, available to ship in 2 days or 5 days depending on whether I have units assembled, I usually always have units assembled and tested. There is an up to 5 business day ship time for non-assembled units These are custom built and tested for 4-8 hours each If this is not acceptable to you, please do not buy


If more than available stock is ordered I will refund money immediately when oversold condition is recognized ( 24 hours max) and provide an expected availability date.


I will only ship to North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. If you are from Italy -contact me- first for shipping quote Orders from a country I will not ship to will be promptly refunded and not fulfilled.


One year warranty. 30 days for refund (defect) incl return shipping except for buyers remorse

WiFI adapter and db9 cable only


100V/240V Adapter
1 amp output, US plug

Only sold with WiFi adapter


Automotive power adapter

Only sold with WiFi adapter


Auxbus power cable
4M coiled cord

Only sold with WiFi adapter



Meade Auxbus splitter for 497 controlled scopes

Only sold with WiFi adapter

Suttle SE-464

Not Available

Search web for part number: Suttle SE-464, sorry

Roll your own power cable
2M 5.5x2.5mm coax end, tinned leads other end.

Only sold with WiFi adapter


Autostar II handbox cable, GC-WiFi3 direct to handbox port of LX200GPS



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View Cart


Meade© Autostar II handbox

Included with purchase of WiFi adapter


See it in the App Store!

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Android App

Meade(c) Autostar II handbox

Included with purchase of WiFi adapter

See it in the Play Store!

See it in the Play Store!



Questions or inquiries: astrogene1000_stuff AT yahoo.com




Known issues:

Motorola Droid 1, 2 and 3 – Works reliably if wifi module is configured for ADHOC network or module is ‘connected’ to an existing access point. Yes, Droid 1,2,3 DO support adhoc networking! Something in the WiFi module used is flaky when connected to the tiwlan drivers used on these phones. I have been working with the manufacturer to resolve this. Other Android phones using the tiwlan chip/driver may be affected.