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Where the driver thinks the focuser is.


Press to move in or out 'sliders' number of pulses


Select number of 'pulses' to do at a time, range 1 to 999


Move continuous in or out, each move is 'sliders' worth of pulses

Manual Steps

Shows value selected on 'slider', allows manual entry of # pulse to send also

Connect to nSTEP

Connect to GCUSB_nSTEP on Comm port selected in Setup screen
Note: Once connected cannot disconnect without quitting program.
Note: An ASCOM application opening the driver will force this connection when 'Linked'

Current temperature

In degC or degF if temperature probe is attached

Temperature Sensor detected

Will be 'checked' if sensor is attached to GCUSB_nSTEP
If temp probe detected then you can choose to allow automatic temperature compensation.
Note: You cannot move in or out if in auto mode.

nSTEP Serial Port

Set to Comm port as shown in device manager for GCUCB-nSTEP

Maximum Position

Provides maximum number to count to if set to Absolute, not really used if relative

Maximum Increment

Maximum number of pulses to send at one time, limits ASCOM application to 'move' by this maximum for each call

Step Time On(ms)

Range 1 to 250 - How many ms each step is


Function as an absolute position focuser


Function as a relative position focuser

Reverse Direc

Reverse In/Out directions

Reset Position

If Absolute, set current position to (MaximumPosition/2)
If Relative, set current position to 0
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This provides for the Advanced (as shown) or Basic setup (only upper part of screen)


Cancel changes and discard all made, return to the handbox view


Apply all changes, return to handbox view
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Temperature Sensor Detected

If temperature probe is attached this box will be 'checked' and enable other menu items

Temperature Compensation

Enable automatic temperature compensation. Manual movement is disabled If "Apply Backlash on Temp Comp" is chekced then apply backlash if moving "IN", else if moving "OUT"

Current Temperature

As read from device if probe attached

Delta T

For a change of Delta T, move "Steps/DeltaT"


# of steps to move if "Delta T" temperature change is detected


Check to report temperature in Centigrade, else F

Comp Backlash

Move this number of pulses to ompensate for backlash

# readings to average

Read the temperature and average this many times before displaying temperature or apply compensation