Stepper controller for focuser, based on GC USB-ST4

Created April 12, 2010

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Update June 30, 2010: Beyond prototype, the completed PCB

USB, temperature sensor, V+ stepper power in (6V or greater), 6P6C to motor (2 V+ and 4 phase wires)

Side view

This prototype is based on the:
USB to ST4 adapter
and the GCUSB_nFOCUS interface for RigelSys nFOCUS

GC USB-ST4 to the left, requires use of mosfet based opto-couplers.
Modifications are: firmware from gcusb-nfocus modified for steppers, and ASCOM driver, original based on:
GCUSB-nFocus for RigelSys nFOCUS analog focus controller
Optional Display added, ttl serial link out of gcusb-st4.
Provides for temperature sensor for temp compensated focusing.

Menu tree available (so far)
Display is optional, all that is required to be added to gcusb-st4
is 12V input for output to stepper on the 6p6c connector.