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Prototype dual analog focus motor/single small stepper motor controller

1) Can be powered by USB or external power and controls a wide range of analog motors
     USB powering for lower voltage analog motors, e.g. 5V/7V
     External power for high current (>200ma) or high voltage motors(7-15V input)
     External power is required for stepper motors
2) Provides for 15 different 'speeds' to the motor via PWM

     Uses PWM for motor control, 2ms min pulse to full voltage at 32ms cycle time
3) ASCOM driver for control by PC

     Analog motor ASCOM exposes two 'focuser's
     Stepper motor ASCOM exposes single focuser and adds temperature capabilities
     (Same driver as for the enhanced 909 with stepper,
     See 909 page)
4) Optional keys and display

     Supplied with USB interface only or keys and display for:
     Up/Down (for both analog and stepper)
     Motor select (analog motors only)
     Speed select
     Display of which motor is currently selected (analog motors only)
     Speed readout via display shows speed for currently selected motor     
5) Memory

     Remembers last selected motor and speed when unplugged
6) USB interface
     Uses FTDI TTL-232R-5V cable for serial port device to unit

     Video demo of the unit running analog motors

     Video of unit running stepper motors and temperature sensor

     Email me with your feedback, what would -you- need or like for focus control?
     astrogene1000_stuff AT

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