Introducing the GC Bluetooth telescope adapter for telescopes

Bluetooth Wireless telescope control

Attach to and control your scope without wires, reduce clutter!

Great for public star party use, none or reduce tripping on wires!


Bluetooth range of 10M or 100M available

-          Roving networks RN-42 or RN-41 BT module

RS232 port:

-          DB9 connector, male (or female) available, 2M cable standard

-          Standard baud rate of 9600 8/N/1, other baud rates available to 115200 baud

-          3 Wire interface standard, TX/RX/GND

-          5 wire available TX/RX/RTS/CTS, please inquire

Flexible powering options: Power input of 4V to 15V

-          Battery powered – 4X AAA/AA or 12V automotive

-          AC adapter powered

-          If Meade 497 controlled scope can be Auxbus port  powered


-          Temperature range of greater than -20C to 55C, all components spec’ed for -40C to 85C



Android app available for remote 497 handbox (requires 497 be attached to scope)
Click here for screen shots and details


Use your favorite program to control your scope!

(Scope currently centered on Uranus at cross hair, telescope in different room/different floor of house)


Note: On MAC I have not been able to get Cartes Du Ciel to recognize a Bluetooth serial port,

 CdC connects but then pops up ‘Not a typewriter’ (and Mac shows stays connected)

Please verify your favorite MAC program can use Bluetooth serial ports



Standard and optional components available



See the Android app in action working as a remote Autostar 497 handbox




These units are in continuous stock, available to ship in 2 days or 5 days depending on whether I have units assembled, I usually always have units assembled and tested. There is an up to 5 business day ship time for non-assembled units These are custom built and tested for 4-8 hours each If this is not acceptable to you, please do not buy

If more than available stock is ordered I will refund money immediately when oversold condition is recognized ( 24 hours max) and provide an expected availability date.

I will only ship to North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. If you are from Italy -contact me- first for shipping quote Orders from a country I will not ship to will be promptly refunded and not fulfilled.

One year warranty. 30 days for refund (defect) incl return shipping except for buyers remorse

Shipping $7 CONUSA, $14 International per order, options ship free with BT module

10M range Bluetooth adapter and db9 cable only

RN-42 based


100M range Bluetooth adapter and db9 cable only

RN-41 based


Auxbus power cable
4M coiled cord

Only sold with BT adapter


100V/240V Adapter
1 amp output, US plug

Only sold with BT adapter


Automotive power adapter

Only sold with BT adapter


Meade Auxbus splitter for 497 controlled scopes

Only sold with BT adapter

Suttle SE-464

Not available

Search for part number: Suttle SE-464 on web to procure, sorry

Roll your own power cable
2M 5.5x2.5mm coax end, tinned leads other end.

Only sold with BT adapter


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View Cart

Android APP for 497 handbox

Included with purchase of BT adapter


Email me:

 astrogene1000_stuff AT for a cost if you already have a BT adapter to your Meade scope



Questions or inquiries: astrogene1000_stuff AT