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Here you will find various astro related designs with DIY information and fully assembled and tested units.

These are designs that either met a need I had or were suggested by others to fill a need they had.

The units offered for sale see every day use all around the world and may fill a need you have also.

New Nov 29, 2016
Current NGC reference images for small SN search, 493 images, 30meg webpage
Includes pre-discovery image 11/4/2016 of SN 2016hvu in NGC7316

New Mar 18, 2015
See the weather at Greenbox Observatory, WMR100 running against a Raspberry PI and PI camera images with exposure lengths based on DAY/NIGHT and CIVIL/NAUTICAL/ASTRO twilight time calculations


Introducing the GC WiFI adapter to rs232 telescope adapter

Connect to your telescope wireless

Acts as local WiFi access point

Use your favorite WiFI capable apps on your smartphones

Use your favorite PC/MAC TCP capable programs or com0com

Options for adhoc and connect to exisitng access point

RS232 output, flexible powering options

4V to 15V power or Auxbus powered for Meade scopes

IOS and Android apps available to act as an Autostar 2 handbox direct to handbox port!

Full details here

Availability: NOW

Introducing the GC Wireless Bluetooth to rs232 telescope adapter

Connect to your telescope wireless

10M or 100M ranges available

RS232 output, flexible powering options

4V to 15V power or Auxbus powered for Meade scopes

Android app for Meade 497 handbox across bluetooth link available!

Full details here

Availability: NOW

Introducing the GC USB Modular Stepper controller

Base module controls one motor and expansion allows wireless and display capabilities

Stand alone or PC control, supported by ASCOM driver

Modular design, purchase only options desired and add in the future if needed

Future options include rs232 (in lui of wireless) and home sensor

Full details here

Availability: NOW

Introducing the GC Dual Analog Focus Motor Controller

Control two analog motors with one hand controller

Stand alone or PC control, supported by ASCOM driver

Full details here

Availability: March 2011

Introducing the GCUSB-nSTEP stepper controller for focus motors

Cost effective temperature compensated stepper controller

ASCOM support and MAC coming soon

Full details here

Available now, the Astro Weather Monitor for camping

Skies going clear

Skies going cloudy


Standalone or bluetooth/wired rs232 computer control

Observatory model adds PWS capabilities, see it on Wunderground!

Enable "PWS and Airports" and "Rapid Fire Updates" and select "Greenbox Observatory"

Note: Unit may be on or offline at any time and possibly offline for extended periods of time as development of software continues

Full details here

Demonstration video on Youtube, see the unit in action!







The GCUSB-nFOCUS (available NOW)

Provides USB interface to control your RigelSys nFOCUS controller

Developed in collaboration with RigelSys

Full details here




909ffsReplacement for a Meade 909APM

This units provides a focus adapter, reticule jack and ST4 interface from a camera or autoguide adapter and talks via the Meade AuxBus to the 497 controller to control these devices.

Or choose a guide input only version

Full details on the 909 here including DIY




Autoguide adapter:  GC USB-ST4

go_containssUSB Plugs into PC or MAC and generates ST4 compatible output to autoguide your mount.

Works with PC (via ASCOM) or MAC (via PHD).

Full details on the ST4 adapter here including DIY





Bluetooth Serial adapter :  GC-BT-Scope

bt_scopesEnd the serial cable to your scope, go wireless!

Full details on the bluetooth adapter here







Autostar 497 flashing adapter: GC-Flash

flash_adaptersAdapter that allows you to power your 497 without having it attached to your telescope.

You can now perform flash upgrades without having to move the PC/MAC to the scope or scope to the PC/MAC.

Couple this with the Bluetooth adapter above and the PC/MAC can even be remote to the 497 (33 feet).

Full details on the flashing adapter





Cables/Splitters (coming soon!)

aux_splitPower splitter for Meade (5.5mm  x  2.5mm input/outputs)

Power splitter for Celestron (5.5 x 2.1mm input/output and 5.5mm x 2.5mm output)

Meade AuxBus splitter, 2 cables to one AuxBus port





DIY various projects with DIY info (not available assembled or parts)


My scope, circa 1986


Custom sensors for Oregon Scientific weather stations

Greenbox Observatory weather station, including cloud temperatures

Wireless Meade 497 'smart' dumb handbox adapter

Digital Read Out (DRO) prototype using Chinese digital caliper, a lot of parts bin telescope parts used here!

Serialized link of Autostar 497 to telescope base

Peltier temperature controller with application shown on Meade DSI I

Temperature based focusing using thermistor and PC game port

Wedge for lx200/lx200GPS

Death and life of an Autostar 494 after a power outage

3-star polar alignment method

Equatorial tracking table

Mount an etx90 on an etx60/70 base

Calculate Vmag from USNO B1.0 B/R/I magnitudes

LX200 base disassembly and re-greasing

Photometry around M57

Greenbox Observatory (current internal picture, other pics from around 2002)

Splitring mounting (my scope back then)

Artificial stars/star testing lx200 and etx90

Asteroid work from late 70s (as found on POSS plates)



Projects in development


Prototype stepper controller for focus motors, based on GCUSB-ST4 above


Prototype of focus controller, dual analog motors or single stepper motor


weatherWeather monitor for astro applications, cloud/rain/wind/temperature sensors






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