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New Nov 29, 2016
Current NGC reference images for small SN search, 493 images, 30meg webpage
Includes pre-discovery image 11/4/2016 of SN 2016hvu in NGC7316

New August 4, 2021
See the weather at RollingV Observatory, WMR100 running against a Raspberry PI

Historical up to June 2021, started 2015
See the weather at Greenbox Observatory, WMR100 running against a Raspberry PI and PI camera images with exposure lengths based on DAY/NIGHT and CIVIL/NAUTICAL/ASTRO twilight time calculations


DIY various projects with DIY info (not available assembled or parts)


My scope, circa 1986


Custom sensors for Oregon Scientific weather stations

Greenbox Observatory weather station, including cloud temperatures

Wireless Meade 497 'smart' dumb handbox adapter

Digital Read Out (DRO) prototype using Chinese digital caliper, a lot of parts bin telescope parts used here!

Serialized link of Autostar 497 to telescope base

Peltier temperature controller with application shown on Meade DSI I

Temperature based focusing using thermistor and PC game port

Wedge for lx200/lx200GPS

Death and life of an Autostar 494 after a power outage

3-star polar alignment method

Equatorial tracking table

Mount an etx90 on an etx60/70 base

Calculate Vmag from USNO B1.0 B/R/I magnitudes

LX200 base disassembly and re-greasing

Photometry around M57

Greenbox Observatory (current internal picture, other pics from around 2002)

Splitring mounting (my scope back then)

Artificial stars/star testing lx200 and etx90

Asteroid work from late 70s (as found on POSS plates)



Projects in development


Prototype stepper controller for focus motors, based on GCUSB-ST4 above


Prototype of focus controller, dual analog motors or single stepper motor


weatherWeather monitor for astro applications, cloud/rain/wind/temperature sensors






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